Dr. Coburn Challenges EU to Let African Countries Save Children from Malaria with DDT

Senator Tom Coburn | 28 Jun 2006 | US Congress

Coburn writes to the EU about its poorly articulated policies on malaria control and DDT, and the EU responds.

Shaming "Vampire States" Part Two

Marian Tupy | 31 Mar 2006 | TCS Daily

Cato Institute's Marian Tupy discusses the callousness of some African leaders and draws on AFM's research into taxes and tariffs on medicines and medical devices.

United States Seeks to Eliminate Global Tariffs on Medicines

None | 27 Feb 2006 | USINFO.STATE.GOV

The United States, Switzerland and Singapore have proposed countries eliminate tariffs on medicines and medical devices as part of a new world trade deal, U.S. trade officials said on Monday.

AFM Media Release on USTR WTO Initiative to Remove Tariffs on Medicines & Medical Devices

Roger Bate & Richard Tren | 25 Feb 2006 | Africa Fighting Malaria

AFM welcomes the USTR/Swiss & Signaporean WTO initiative to remove tariffs on medicines and medical devices. AFM and its allies from a broad range of organisations have been campaigning against these state imposed barriers to accessing medicines for some time and consider that this could be an important step to improving healthcare in poor countries.

Mugabe 'feels 28' as he turns 82

None | 21 Feb 2006 | BBC News

Zimbabwe's despotic leader Robert Mugabe turns 82 today and has a party to celebrate. AFM is disgusted by his profligate life style while Zimbabwe lies in tatters around him and his corrupt and violent clique. See our Research section for AFM research papers on Zimbabwe - 'Despotism and Disease' and 'State in Fear'.