Experimental Novartis drug shows malaria promise

Kate Kelland | 02 Sep 2010 | Reuters

An experimental Novartis drug can clear malaria infection in mice with a single dose and scientists say it shows promise as a possible future treatment for one of the world's major killer diseases.

Some donated malaria drugs being stolen in Africa

Maria Cheng | 01 Sep 2010 | Associated Press

Millions of free malaria drugs are sent to Africa every year by international donors. New research is now providing evidence for what health workers have long suspected: some of the donated medication is being stolen and resold on commercial markets.

African police seize 10 tonnes of fake medicines

None | 26 Aug 2010 | Reuters

Police seized about 10 tonnes of counterfeit medicines and arrested 80 people in a sweep across eastern Africa, international police agency Interpol said on Thursday.

Africans text message to check if drugs are real

Maria Cheng | 20 Aug 2010 | Associated Press

For Africans wondering whether the malaria drugs they've bought are real, there may soon be a quick way of finding out: sending a text message. Across the continent, more than 30 percent of malaria medicines are estimated to be fake, and many look identical to the real thing.

Medical Stores loses billions as malaria drugs run out

Cyprian Musoke | 20 Aug 2010 | New Vision

While the National Medical Stores (NMS) cannot supply enough malaria drugs to meet the needs of Ugandans, it spends billions of shillings importing huge quantities of less needed drugs which end up expiring, the Auditor General's investigation has revealed.

Could selling cheap malaria drugs in private stores harm children's health?

Sarah Boseley | 17 Aug 2010 |

A few years ago any fever was treated as malaria because many children suffered from malaria and there was no simple diagnostic test. This situation has changed, thanks to advances in malaria prevention.

Scientists Develop New Drug Treatment for Malaria

None | 17 Aug 2010 | US News and World Report

As part of the £1.5 million project, researchers are now testing the drug to determine how the treatment could progress to clinical trials. The drug is made from simple organic molecules and will be cheaper to mass produce compared to existing therapies.

Uganda's revised Bill against counterfeits draws reactions

None | 16 Aug 2010 | Business Daily (Nairobi)

The Uganda office of the WHO and the country's National Drug Authority are satisfied that the new version of the controversial Counterfeit Goods Bill does not threaten the importation and production of generic drugs by conflating them with fake drugs, as the first draft of the bill did.

Demand for malaria drug soars

Richard van Noorden | 03 Aug 2010 | Nature

From bust to boom to bust again: artemisinin, the key ingredient of front-line antimalarial drugs, is entering the third chapter of its turbulent history. A decade ago, the compound — available only from the sweet wormwood plant Artemisia annua — was scarce and expensive.

The pharmaceutical death-ride of dihydroartemisinin

Frans Herwig Jansen | 22 Jul 2010 | Malaria Journal

In the 2010 second edition of WHO's guidelines for the treatment of malaria, the relatively new fixed dose combination dihydroartemisinin-piperaquine is included as one of the recommended artemisinin combination therapies.