A Potential Breakthrough in Malaria Prevention

Gilbert Ross | 17 Oct 2007 | American Council on Science and Health

Parents of infants in sub-Saharan Africa, where a million or more die each year, have new hope, thanks to a group of multinational researchers, led by Dr. John J. Aponte of the University of Barcelona and colleagues from Mozambique. They evaluated a new malaria vaccine's safety and efficacy in 214 infants in rural Mozambique, an area of high incidence of malaria, and found that the vaccine against Falciparum malaria, the most severe form, reduced the rate of new infections by almost two thirds.

EU researchers to develop malaria vaccine

Crucell | 26 Jan 2007 | Cordis News

A network of European researchers has been awarded EUR 2.4 million by the EU to take forward research into a malaria vaccine.

GenVec to Test Malaria Vaccine

Associated Press | 17 Jan 2007 | Forbes

GenVec Inc. said Wednesday it plans to run a clinical study on an experimental malaria vaccine.

Malaria vaccine announced

Staff Writers | 19 Dec 2006 | Agence France Presse

A new malaria vaccine candidate tested in mice could potentially mitigate the spread of malaria.

Stopping malaria before the bite

Staff Writers | 19 Dec 2006 | BBC News

Researchers are developing a malaria vaccine which blocks development of the disease-causing parasite while it is still inside the mosquito.

African Health Officials Prepare for New Malaria Vaccine

Efam Dovi | 06 Dec 2006 | Voice of America

Officials are meeting in Ghana to discuss ways to get an early start on administering malaria vaccines in Africa.

Successful tests of malaria vaccine underway

Staff Writers | 01 Dec 2006 | China View

Some Swedish researchers seem to have succeeded in developing a vaccine for malaria, one of the world's most deadly diseases, a report from a Swedish radio monitored in Lagos said on Friday.

Malaria vaccine may be ready by 2010

Staff Writers | 25 Oct 2006 | Independent Online

The first vaccine against malaria could be on the market by 2010 following trials in Mozambique, the southern African country's deputy health minister told an international conference on Tuesday.

Experimental malaria vaccine shows huge promise

Debora MacKenzie | 18 Oct 2006 | New Scientist

A review of experimental malaria vaccines has found that one shows such promise, the results "justify speedy progress towards licensing for routine use".

Breaking the Cycle

Michael Leahy | 08 Oct 2006 | Washington Post

The U.S. Army and its partners have been trying to develop a malaria vaccine for decades.