India's invisible malaria burden

Simon I Hay, Peter W Gething & Robert W Snow | 19 Nov 2010 | The Lancet

Measurement of malaria mortality is a public health challenge that has been met with various solutions. Outside Africa, these estimates usually rely on governmental recorded deaths, which have been adjusted in various ways to account for incomplete reporting.

Study: Malaria bigger killer in India than known

Maria Cheng | 20 Oct 2010 | Associated Press

The number of people dying from malaria in India may be more than 10 times higher than World Health Organization figures suggest, a new study says. But WHO has disputed the findings.

Reinventing the Wheel

William Easterly | 14 Oct 2010 | Foreign Policy

When I worked at the World Bank, management was always checking up on us to make sure our research was relevant for real-world economic development. The standard test question was, "What would your research suggest the finance minister of country X should do?"

Stop Taxing the Fight Against Malaria

Yoweri Museveni & Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete | 26 Jul 2010 | Wall Street Journal Europe

This month Uganda has the honor of hosting the annual meeting of the African Union, which brings together more than 40 heads of state to discuss issues of critical importance to our continent. More than ever before, Africa needs strategic leadership, vision and courage to address the challenges we face.

Report Optimistic on Africa Economies

Celia Dugger | 23 Jun 2010 | New York Times

Africa is often depicted as a place of war, disease and poverty, with a begging bowl extended to the world. But a new report paints a much more optimistic portrait of a continent with growing national economies and an expanding consumer class that offers foreign investors the highest rates of return in the developing world.

Some Hopeful Signs in the War on Malaria , But a Long Way to Go

Joseph Treaster | 09 Jun 2010 | The Huffington Post

The rainy season in East Africa is also the malaria season. Rain water collects in puddles and old tires and gutters. It also accumulates in discarded tin cans and in the folds of plastic shopping bags in garbage heaps.

Malaria epidemic hits southern Venezuela

Ian James | 05 Jun 2010 | Associated Press

Malaria cases have doubled in Venezuela so far this year as health officials confront an epidemic in a vast southern region where wildcat gold miners are often infected in remote jungle camps.

Zim's malaria time bomb

Claire Keeton | 09 May 2010 | Times LIVE

Zimbabwe and South Africa's Limpopo province are working on an agreement to eliminate malaria on both sides of the Limpopo River. Top malaria scientist Professor Maureen Coetzee said: "They are in the middle of drafting a trans-Limpopo malaria control application."

TANZANIA: Zanzibar's malaria success a potential banana skin

None | 25 Apr 2010 | IRIN News

Efforts to combat malaria in Zanzibar have seen the prevalence rate come down from 35 percent before 2008 to below 1 percent, but health officials are worried the gains could be reversed.

Zambia hailed for malaria drive

Sanday Chongo Kabange | 22 Mar 2010 | AfricaNews

Zambian health experts recently shared their successes in the fight against malaria with colleagues from across the continent during a three-day brainstorming session held in the Ghanaian capital Accra. During the UAM conference, Zambia was hailed as a global leader in malaria control.