Researchers launch global malaria tracking network

Staff Writers | 06 Sep 2007
ABC News Australia

The World Antimalarial Research Network (WARN) is an online effort to spread research about malaria outbreaks that is often left languishing in health bureaucracies.

Menzies School of Health Research spokesman Dr Ric Price says a three-year lag time between getting data and publishing research is too slow.

"The primary goal out of all of this is to make sure that the right drugs get to the right people at the right time," he said.

Dr Price says bureaucratic inertia slows down the publication of research that could ensure the most effective treatment is used in malaria-affected regions.

"This can take up to three or four years. Often a lot of data is available but it's never published," he said.

"People have difficulty knowing how to analyse it properly and this data is very useful."