Uganda: Mosquito Net Prices Reduce As Usage Rises

Joseph Olanyo | 16 Jul 2007
Monitor (Kampala)

Mosquito net prices have dropped by more than half since 2000, a survey conducted by by NetMark, a USAID project has said. USAID said in a statement that prices have dropped dramatically to an average of less than $7 (Sh11, 000) per net, with the smallest selling for under $5 (Shs8,000) down from $12-$18 (Shs25,000) in 2000.

The number of retail outlets selling insecticide treated nets (ITNs), which are widely seen as essential in the fight against malaria, have also increased to 24,000 up from only a few in 2000.

Now with more nets in homes, the household survey shows that 13-14 per cent of pregnant women and children under five sleep under an ITN up from about 1 per cent in 2000.

While none of the poorest households owned an ITN in 2000, 22 per cent did in 2006, representing a saving of about $20 million that did not have to be spent on subsidised nets.