The malaria dance

Apoorva Mandavilli | 26 Apr 2007

In 2005, Bush launched the President's Malaria Initiative which has, among other things, helped support the use of DDT in many African countries.

Yesterday, Africa Fighting Malaria (AFM), a NGO that helped bring DDT back, scored donor countries on their efforts fighting malaria. On their scorecard, the US ranks above everyone else, getting an impressive B+. Considering most other countries got themselves big, fat Fs that's really good.

Things weren't always so rosy, of course. In fact, before AFM and others took the US Agency for International Development to task, the agency was spending about 7% of its budget on actual interventions. the rest went to "other" costs. After Congress intervened, things at USAID have improved dramatically and they're now working closely with AFM.

But that still leaves all the other donors, who are--litreally--failing in their efforts to fight malaria.

For the purposes of the scorecard, those countries "got an F because they never even responded," AFM's Richard Tren told me yesterday at a fundraiser in New York for the NGO.

Maybe it's time to rustle up pictures of those leaders.