Health Ministry Launches New Malaria Drug

20 Apr 2006
Angola Press Agency
The new drug will operate on combined therapy, in replacement of the usual chloroquine and amodiaquine.

On the occasion, the minister said artemisinin represents a great breakthrough in the continued revolution of universal medicine, being an important gain to the country`s health actions which will benefit the communities, mainly in endemic areas.

The minister added that the expansion of the use of the medicine will be done gradually in the most endemic provincial capitals of the country.

Sebastiao Veloso called on the professionals for a strict enforcement of the sanitary measures, as they are always faced with difficult situations because each patient is a special case, needing a suitable information on the therapy.

In her turn, World Health Organisation (WHO) representative to Angola, Fatomata Diallo, said malaria treatment is a universal human right.

She recalled that malaria is the main cause of death in Angola, with about three million cases and 5,000 deaths per year. Pregnant women and children under five are the main victims of the illness.

The ceremony was attended by representatives of the Ministries of Health, Education, Family and Woman Promotion, Social Welfare and of the National Children Institute (INAC).;jsessionid=417C83B1F70ABFC029EC28CA85495B03?service=direct/1/FullStory/$DirectLink$6&sp=l30803