WHO supports anti-malaria fight in Kenya

21 Jun 2006
Angola Press Agency

The World Health Organisation (WHO) Tuesday donated emergency health kits and malaria drugs to Kenya worth 105,555 US dollars.

The donation is in response to the Ministry of Health request for support to the drought stricken areas, mostly the northeastern parts of the country, currently facing drought affecting more than 3 million people.

Making the donation to Kenya assistant health minister, Enoch Kibunguchy, WHO Country Representative, Peter Eriki, assured Kenya of the WHO support in the crises.

"We hope that those kits and malaria items will contribute to the strategy to save lives in the drought affected areas and enable the (health) ministry to be more prepared for rapid action in dealing with the crisis," said Eriki.

Kibunguchy thanked WHO for the generous donation, adding that financial constraints had made it difficult for the government to provide healthcare to all.