Kenyan Government to reintroduce use of DDT

Collins Anampiu | 01 Sep 2010
Kenya Broadcasting Corporation
The government through the ministry of public health and sanitation plans to reintroduce the use of DDT in fighting of malaria in the country to completely combat the killer disease.

According to minister for Public Health and Sanitation Beth Mugo, the fight against Malaria in Kenya has received a steady increase in annual funding from 120 million in 2002 to nearly 4 billion shillings in 2010, and all of it comes from development partners.

The minister further added malaria admissions have declined by 56% in sentinel districts and up to 63% in parts of coast province.

Child deaths have reduced by 44% due to use of insecticides treated nets.

Currently over 20 million insecticide treated nets have been distributed to children less than 5 years of age and pregnant women.

According to the minister malaria is posing the most significant threat to the health of the population in Kenya.

The disease accounts for the highest mortality rate in children under five years and for the majority of miscarriages and maternal deaths.

It also contributes the biggest share of disease burden with over 50% outpatient visits in hospitals and 35% in-patient admissions.

It is responsible for over 14% in-patient deaths.

Meanwhile, the government is set to loose 16million shillings as a result of demolition of two police flats at central police station, in Nairobi which were constructed on road reserves despite a warning by the ministry of roads.

However in his defense assistant minister for internal security Orwa Ojode says the ministry of public works through engineer Nyakuti advised his ministry that the ongoing construction of the link road from globe round about to Uhuru highway had been moved to link up with Tom Mboya street thus making the construction of the police units viable since they would not be affected.

So far two flats have been demolished to pave way for the constructions.

Ojode says the ministry of internal security will be sending a demand note to ministry works to pay for the damages.

Ojode also said that the ministry of public works poor research has seen various CDF projects demolished across the country.

He further added the Ministry of Public Works and the ministry of lands that are charged with clearing issues to do with ownership and encumbrance, while Treasury releases the funds.