Successful tests of malaria vaccine underway

Staff Writers | 01 Dec 2006
China View

Some Swedish researchers seem to have succeeded in developing a vaccine for malaria, one of the world's most deadly diseases, a report from a Swedish radio monitored in Lagos said on Friday.

According to the report, scientists at Stockholm Karolinska Institute have found a molecule that prevents the red blood cells infected by the malaria parasite from sticking together and blocking blood vessels.

The report also indicated that tests earlier carried out on rats and monkeys have been successful and the team is about to begin human tests.

Prof. Mats Wahlgren was quoted by the report as saying that the vaccine has provided good protection and they hope that a human vaccine will be available within a few years.

The vaccine has also been successfully used on a boy suffering from severe malaria, the report added.

Statistics show that every year half a billion people are infected by malaria parasites, and every day 3,000 children die from the most serious form of the disease, tropical malaria.