SA's Yvonne Chaka Chaka in Malawi anti-malaria campaign

31 Jul 2008
Afrique en ligne
Blantyre, Malawi - The South African songstress, Yvonne Chaka Chaka, is in Malawi to launch an ambitious anti-malaria campaign. United Nations Children's Fund [UNICEF] Communications Officer Kusali Kubwalo told PANA Thursday Chaka Chaka - who is UNICEF's Regional Malaria Goodwill Ambassador - would launch a two-week campaign to distribute 1.1 million insecticide-treated mosquito nets to children under the age of five.

The ceremony will be held in the lake-shore district of Mangochi on Friday.

"The campaign seeks to distribute over one million treated mosquito nets to benefit under-five children and pregnant mothers at no cost," she said.

Kubwalo said government adopted the strategy to use treated nets among children and pregnant mothers as a key tool to prevent and control malaria in the country.

Malaria remains a leading cause of death of children under the age of five in Malawi.

At least 18 per cent of all hospital deaths and 40 per cent of out-patient visits are due to malaria.

Malaria, according to UNICEF, is responsible for anaemae among children and also contributes to absenteeism in schools.

Last year, there were 4 million reported cases of malaria in Malawi, with 7,000 people dying of the disease.'s-yvonne-chaka-chaka-in-malawi-anti%11malaria-campaign-200807319908.html