Dr Kigoda spells out DDT spraying preparations

Staff Writers | 02 Jul 2008
Daily News (Tanzania)
The government will soon issue guidelines on the use of DDT in the national campaign against malaria, the Deputy Minister for Health and Social Welfare, Dr Aisha Kigoda, said in the National Assembly yesterday.

Dr Kigoda said the National Environmental Management Council (NEMC) and the Vice- President's Office (Environment) would issue the guidelines.She said that the two institutions would also be responsible in overseeing the environmental impact assessment before introduction of DDT spraying.

"Experts from my ministry will do the spraying while experts of NEMC will be taking care of environmental issues during the exercise," she said. Dr Kigoda was answering Khalifa Suleiman Khalifa (Gando-CUF) and Dr Wilbrod Slaa (Karatu-Chadema) who had wanted to know safety of DDT and its impact on the environment.

Dr Kigoda said the programme (of using DDT) would be executed thoroughly and in accordance with Stockholm Conference and guidelines of the World Health Organization.
She said that the public would be educated and sensitized on indoor spraying of DDT for destroying mosquito breeding grounds.

"Zimbabwe, South Africa and Botswana have succeeded on that and Uganda is doing it now.
"Side effects of DDT spraying are minor in comparison to the effects of malaria in our society," noted Dr Kigoda. She also said that the programme would start in some Districts (as pilot) in order to make assessment before moving to the whole country.