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News and Events during May 2003


29 May

Christian Science Monitor reports on the Push to Fund DDT in fight against malaria in Africa

26 May

New hope of a malaria vaccine - Oxford scientists find a vaccine that is 10 times better than previous vaccines.

A vaccine could be an important breakthrough, but innoculating people is a difficult and expensive task. The role of vector control and indoor residual spraying will still play a vital role in malaria control.

22 May

US Government proposes pro IP, market based solutions to public health problems. Read the US proposals to the 56th World Heatlh Assembly.

AFM supports these proposals. Investment in poverty diseases is essential, but will be best achieved in cooperation with the research drug industry and by providing incentives, rather than through confrontation and taxation. The proposals also correctly recognise that patents play little role in denying access to drugs. Access to drugs is very low in Africa, but 99% of essential drugs are off patent - how can patents block access when they don't exist?

21 May

Interesting development - Roche and Ranbaxy form a partnership to produce a new artemesinin based drug therapy. See the MMV press release. AFM comments on TechCentralStation.


20 May

The Congress of Racial Equality (CORE) marches against Greenpeace. CORE accuses the radical environmentalist organisation obe being a racist and elitist organisation that keeps Africa sick and poor. AFM's commentary CORE's Press Release.

8 May

Great News! There is hope that mosquito resistance to insecticides can be beaten. Scientists Upbeat that Malaria Can Be Beaten (The Star)

Beating the problem of insecticide resistance is vital for malaria control. However with Green pressure against the use of insecticides and the refusal of donor agencies to fund spraying this discovery may not make a real difference. Also as countries adopt the precautionary principle, the prospects of the development of new insecticides is pretty bleak.

National Public Radio (US) on the use of DDT in South Africa. Jason Beaubien reports on the lives being saved by DDT, even though Green activists campaign against it and donor agencies refuse to fund its use. (requires Real Player or Windows Media Player)


AFM's latest Occasional Paper on Research and Development for AIDS Drugs. Dr. Roger Bate.


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