KMMN Journey For Life Africa

Cyril Boynes | 18 Oct 2007
Congress On Racial Equality (Uganda)
The KMMN-Journey For LifeAfrica is comprised of several related events:

• September 28/29, The African Divas Kill Malarial Mosquitoes Now Concert (Kampala)
• October 15, The KMMN Malaria Heroes Dinner (Hotel Africana, Kampala)
• October 18-28 The KMMN -Journey For LifeAfrica "walk" Kampala-Gulu
• October 28/29 the Gulu Gathering (Gulu)

While we trust that you will answer our call for help in a manner you deem appropriate for you and your organization, we offer several ways that you may help, directly and indirectly.

(1) Sponsor one or more "walker" at rate of $25.00 per day for 10 days or $250.00 per walker for general up-keep during the walk.

(2) Contribute to the purchase of twenty thousand (20,000) LLITNs (bed nets) that will be distributed along the Journey For LifeAfrica, Kampala to Gulu route. We plan to distribute 1,000 nets in 10 of the stopovers locations and 10,000 LLITNs in the IDP (internally displaced people) camps in Bobi and Gulu.The JFLA will be making ten stops in rural Uganda. At these stops rallies will be organized in collaboration with national and local health officials and NGOs.

(3) In Uganda, if you or your company wish to be an official sponsor of the KMMN-Journey For LifeAfrica program, please contact us by phone or e-mail and we gladly communicate your benefits as a valued sponsor at the level of sponsorship appropriate for you and your company.

(4) In the United States of America, please inform us by e-mail of you decision to participate and we will inform you of a procedure that will ensure that your gift is tax-deductible according to IRS requirements.

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CORE-Uganda International Affairs CORE
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