Africa needs responsibility, not rock stars

Richard Tren | 09 Jun 2005 | Business Day (South Africa)

Gordon Brown's aid plan is simply a variant on the old theme that all Africa needs to solve its problems is more money, especially from the former colonial powers that made a packet off the continent before leaving it in desolation.

When Bush Meets Blair

Roger Bate | 07 Jun 2005 | TCS Daily

Britain's Prime Minister, Tony Blair, arrives in town this week to discuss the state of the world with President Bush.

NGO Threat to African Growth and World Bank Agenda

Roger Bate | 05 Jun 2005 | Sunday Independent (South Africa)

Paul Wolfowitz marked his first day as the new head of the World Bank by reaffirming his plan to focus primarily on reducing poverty in Africa.

Personal view: Poor countries must remove tax barriers to key medicines

Roger Bate | 29 May 2005 | Daily Telegraph (UK)

Campaigns to raise awareness can sometimes give the impression that all we need is for some glamorous celebrities to click their fingers for the problem to be solved.

WHO's numbers don't add up

Roger Bate | 24 May 2005 | Business Day (South Africa)

Our analysis shows that if medicine tariffs were removed, tens of millions of the poorest people in countries such as Nigeria, India and Tanzania would probably have access to medicines and other products that could save their lives.

World Health Assembly Coverage: The Fluff and Lies of the WHA

Richard Tren | 20 May 2005 | TCS Daily

Richard Tren criticizes the false notion of progress against AIDS in Zimbabwe at the 58th World Health Assembly Meeting.

World Health Assembly Coverage: Beware Deadly Pools

Richard Tren | 19 May 2005 | TCS Daily

Richard Tren reports from the 58th World Health Assembly on the proposed creation of an Essential Patent Pool.

World Health Assembly Coverage: Who Needs WHO

Richard Tren | 18 May 2005 | TCS Daily

Richard Tren reports from the opening of the 58th World Health Assembly.

Economics, not climate, the key

Richard Tren | 17 May 2005 | Business Day (South Africa)

Richard Tren argues against environmentalist forecasting of increased malaria rates.

Africa must unite against malaria

Richard Tren | 25 Apr 2005 | Business Day (South Africa)

Richard Tren discusses the state of malaria control on Africa Malaria Day.