Where DDT Works

Richard Tren | 06 Apr 2004 | TCS Daily

"Malaria Day" was on April 25 and, four years into the World Health Organisation's Roll Back Malaria programme, there is little to celebrate.

Relief South Africans Found For Malaria Is Spelled DDT

None | 25 Mar 2004 | Investors Business Daily

Richard Tren and Roger Bate discuss South Africa's succes against malaria using DDT.

It's time for Britain to get tough over malaria funding

Roger Bate | 07 Mar 2004 | Daily Telegraph (UK)

The World Health Organization and Global Fund provided obsolete anti-malaria medicines in stark violation of their own policy.

Death to Mosquitoes

Roger Bate | 01 Mar 2004 | Weekly Standard

While the world understandably focuses on AIDS in Africa, malaria continues to devastate the children of that continent.

Malaria Misappropriation

Roger Bate | 13 Feb 2004 | National Review Online

International bureaucracies hurt those they're supposed to help.

Moore Wisdom Needed

Roger Bate | 10 Feb 2004 | TCS Daily

Dr. Moore may have pushed solutions without much care for economics in the past, but he always based his decisions on science. The green movement lost more than a great leader when he quit in 1986. It lost its way.

What's USAID Hiding?

Roger Bate | 06 Feb 2004 | TCS Daily

USAID is fixated with insecticide-impregnated bed nets for preventing mosquito bites, to the exclusion of almost any other initiative, including those with far superior proven success in preventing the disease, or in treating those who succumb to it.

Guilty of 'malpractice'

Richard Tren & Roger Bate | 19 Jan 2004 | Washington Times

Thousands of African children are dying needlessly from malaria because of negligent treatment policies.

WHO Guilty of 'Medical Malpractice'

Richard Tren | 16 Jan 2004 | TCS Daily

If drug resistance develops to the current range of AIDS drugs, as many experts have predicted, and the WHO doesn't change its policies, the results could be disastrous.

Malaria, the Terrorist's Friend

Amir Attaran | 25 Sep 2003 | New York Times

More than 50 of the 225 service members, roughly a quarter, who landed in Liberia last month were hospitalized because of a longtime scourge of mankind: malaria.