A Martha Is a Terrible Thing to Waste

Jennifer Zambone | 03 Aug 2004 | TCS Daily

Martha Stewart made people feel obscurely guilty for failing to tat a matching bedspread/tablecloth ensemble as a wedding present for the postman. Think what she could do on issues about which we really should feel guilty, like malaria.

McNamara's Bank

Roger Bate & Benjamin Schwab | 29 Jul 2004 | TCS Daily

In dealing with authoritarian governments, Robert McNamara's legacy as president of the World Bank has always been controversial.

In Defence of DDT

Roger Bate | 03 Jun 2004 | National Review Online

A hated pesticide saves lives.

Where Will Malaria Be

Richard Tren | 28 May 2004 | Wall Street Journal

The notion that climate change will spread malaria to areas that were previously malaria free has increasing cachet because it seems logical. If temperatures and rainfall increase, there will be more mosquitoes and therefore, the argument goes, there will be more malaria. Yet science and the long history of man, mosquitoes and malaria belie this scenario.

Uganda's New War

Richard Tren | 26 May 2004 | TCS Daily

Uganda's nascent war against malaria needs all the friends it can get.

WHO's to Blame?

Roger Bate | 30 Apr 2004 | National Review Online

When it comes to malaria, pointing fingers is the best medicine.

What An Unnecessary Disaster

Roger Bate | 25 Apr 2004 | Washington Post

We're fighting malaria with outmoded techniques for no good reason.

SA's Leading Malaria Researchers & Doctors Support the use of DDT to Control Malaria

None | 25 Apr 2004 | Africa Fighting Malaria

South Africa's leading malaria control experts, researchers and doctors support and endorse the use of the insecticide DDT to control malaria. Their statement is released in light of recent claims that DDT is harmful to human health and should be removed from South Africa's malaria control programme.

The Worst Thing Nixon Ever Did

Roger Bate | 15 Apr 2004 | TCS Daily

Roger Bate laments Nixon's role in banning DDT through the Environmental Protection Agency.

Managing Malaria

Jennifer Zambone | 06 Apr 2004 | National Review Online

This past Sunday marked "Africa Malaria Day," a day to remember that malaria continues to rage on that continent, killing at least one million people each year.