Band-aid for a terminal illness

Richard Tren | 21 Dec 2004 | Business Day (South Africa)

China's Latest Health Scandal

Richard Tren & Roger Bate | 15 Dec 2004 | Apple Daily (Hong Kong)

Is China denying African children a medicine that would save their lives? The evidence is growing that it is, and this policy must stop.

Europe Promotes Tragedy in Uganda

Roger Bate | 14 Dec 2004 | TCS Daily

If Kansas Sen. Sam Brownback is correct, European scaremongering is delaying the re-introduction of DDT into Uganda. And this will have deadly consequences.

No Aid for AIDS

Roger Bate | 19 Nov 2004 | National Review Online

The great and the good of the health world, along with at least four African presidents, have descended on Tanzania for the United Nations' Global Fund meeting.

USAID in the Hot Seat - Again

Roger Bate, Samantha Dovey & Emma Morrison | 19 Nov 2004 | TCS Daily

Senator Brownback (R-Kansas) is concerned that even though in the past five years US-funded malaria control efforts -- through the offices of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) -- have increased several-fold, global malaria rates have skyrocketed -- increasing 10% at least.

Vaccine Vacancy

Jennifer Zambone | 15 Oct 2004 | National Review Online

Malaria-vaccine research is good — but we need to help the dying, now.

Day -- After Day After Day After Day -- of the Locusts

Richard Tren | 17 Sep 2004 | TCS Daily

The direct result of not using Dieldrin is that Sahelian Africa is experiencing the worst locust plague in 15 years. Dieldrin, like DDT, should only be used in restricted ways -- primarily controlling swarming locusts. Unfortunately under the POPs Convention ratified this year, it is no longer available to the blighted African nations of the Sahel.

Revamp of malaria control essential

Richard Tren | 25 Aug 2004 | Business Day (South Africa)

Fiddling Piano Keys While Africa Burns

Richard Tren & Roger Bate | 17 Aug 2004 | TCS Daily

Unless urgent and far reaching reforms are made to Roll Back Malaria and its partner organizations, malaria's death toll will continue unabated.

USAID's Troubling Malaria Efforts

Richard Tren | 13 Aug 2004 | TCS Daily

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID), once responsible for saving millions of lives when it funded the global malaria eradication programme in the 1950s and 60s, has lost its way on malaria control.