Red tape costs lives in Africa

Roger Bate & Benjamin Schwab | 24 Mar 2005 | Medical Progress Today

Why the fear of fraud shackles foreign aid and what we can do about it.

'Life Is Too Short Here to Worry About HIV'

Roger Bate | 11 Mar 2005 | TCS Daily

Roger Bate discusses the impact of Zimbabwe's policies on the health of its citizens.

Zimbabwe a regional health risk

Richard Tren | 11 Mar 2005 | Business Day (South Africa)

Richard Tren discusses the result of Mugabe's reign on the health of Zimbabwe's citizens.

Solutions That Are Working

Richard Tren | 28 Feb 2005 | TCS Daily

The Accelerating Access Initiative (AAI), a treatment access partnership between the research based drugs industry and various UN bodies, has announced a sharp increase in people receiving medicines via its programs.

India's Deadly Lies

Amir Attaran & Roger Bate | 15 Feb 2005 | TCS Daily

India's treatment policies are hurting its poorest and most vulnerable citizens.

Health agencies must stop demonising DDT - it saves lives

Roger Bate | 06 Feb 2005 | Daily Telegraph (UK)

Roger Bate reports from Sri Lanka on the need for effective malaria control interventions there.

WHO's to blame?

Roger Bate | 02 Feb 2005 | National Review Online

Roger Bate reports from Sri Lanka on the effect of World Health Organization's neglect for indoor residual spraying with DDT.

The Fraud Dilemma

Roger Bate & Benjamin Schwab | 27 Jan 2005 | TCS Daily

The dilemma in AIDS funding, as in many other types of aid, is ensuring sufficient oversight to maximally restrict fraud, while refraining from overloading recipients with cumbersome paperwork that restricts performance.

A Deadly Cocktail in South Africa

Richard Tren | 10 Jan 2005 | TCS Daily

Richard Tren reflects on South Africa's poor HIV/AIDS treatment policies with news of the death of Nelson Mandela's eldest son.

The Right Kind of Aid

Roger Bate | 04 Jan 2005 | TCS Daily

Poverty relief would be real, identifiable and quantifiable if made by private organizations and individuals.