Malaria Scores a Three-Pointer

Roger Bate | 17 Mar 2006 | TCS Daily

On Wednesday night at Madison Square Garden malaria became a high profile cause. Hip Hop founder Fab Five Freddy was on New York Knicks TV along with Lance Laifer, the founder of Dunk Malaria, to raise awareness of the disease. Around the Garden kids and adults alike were given the chance to dunk a mini-basketball in a mini-hoop, some donating cash as they went. And with the game going into double overtime everyone had plenty of time to dunk a ball.

When high taxes kill

Roger Bate | 11 Mar 2006 | Union Leader

In the time it takes you to read this column, at least 10 people in poor countries will die from diseases that are preventable and curable. Instead of improving access to critical medicines, many countries keep drugs out or make them too expensive.

Remove Medical Tariffs

Roger Bate & James Driscoll | 27 Feb 2006 | Wall Street Journal Asia

Anyone in Asia who cares about the health of the world's poor should warmly endorse the proposal to remove import tariffs on essential medicines that is being tabled at the World Trade Organization today by the U.S., Singaporean and Swiss governments.

Goldilocks Pricing

Richard Tren & Roger Bate | 27 Feb 2006 | TCS Daily

For many years, AIDS activist groups have campaigned for cheaper drugs, wider access to treatment and against the stigma of AIDS. In many respects, their campaigns have been successful; the prices of AIDS drugs have fallen dramatically and more and more people are now receiving life-saving AIDS treatment. Much of that success however has been due to the private sector, donors and charities finding solutions on the ground that work. Some of the activist activity has been ideological in nature and more concerned with bashing the research-based drugs industry than finding real solutions that work.

The Unhealthy World Bank

Roger Bate | 24 Feb 2006 | TCS Daily

Paul Wolfowitz is trying to improve the World Bank's performance as co-sponsor of the Roll Back Malaria campaign, a coalition of multilateral health and aid agencies, including WHO and UNICEF that aims to combat the malaria burden in Africa. Improving RBM has been a long time coming. And as a director of Africa Fighting Malaria, a health NGO, I add my hearty welcome to this news, especially since, as far as anyone can tell, worldwide malaria rates are rising. However, in delving into operations in this one program, the former Deputy Defense Secretary may discover a far larger problem -- the Bank simply does not have appropriate skills amongst its staff to undertake its core mission.

Low Sierra

Roger Bate | 14 Feb 2006 | TCS Daily

There are few things more distressing than aid intended to help the poorest actually causing them harm. For example, it is a sad irony that aid for HIV care is actually displacing far more valuable child immunization work in the wretched West African country of Sierra Leone. Rather than adding to capacity, the few competent staff are simply drawn away from these basic but vital services toward the high-profile, higher-paying HIV program. An integrated approach to aid giving must occur or more will die needlessly from good intentions.

Fighting Malaria

Roger Bate | 09 Jan 2006 | Examiner

The fight against malaria has scored a major victory. The U.S. Agency for International Development has elected to use nearly half of its budget to buy proven interventions against the disease, which affects 500 million people and kills more than a million children around the world each year. USAID has promised $15 million expressly for insecticides, recognizing their unique effectiveness in reducing the burden of malaria. The agency has opted to streamline more funding to fewer countries in order to improve accountability and focus on results.

South Africa's Good News on AIDS

Roger Bate | 20 Dec 2005 | TCS Daily

Bad policy contributing to rampant AIDS has become the master narrative of much western reporting on South Africa. But the tide has turned and there is progress to report.

Africa's economic fate in its own hands

Richard Tren & Jasson Urbach | 13 Dec 2005 | Business Day (South Africa)

Africa can achieve prosperity too, but it has to be more open to trade; must stop blaming others for its problems; and has to improve the institutions of a free society.

Death and Taxes

Roger Bate | 05 Dec 2005 | Medical Progress Today

Why taxes and tariffs on medicines in developing nations is a fatal policy.