On The Trail Of A Cure: Reality and Rhetoric on Treating Malaria

Roger Bate | 22 Mar 2007 | American Enterprise Institute

The time is long overdue for the Global Fund to improve transparency, establish the quality of the drugs it will allow to be purchased with its funds, and establish where the drugs it purchases actually end up.

Saving Lives Through Honest Accounting

Roger Bate | 12 Feb 2007 |

A new initiative by Senator Tom Coburn could bring badly needed transparency to the Global Fund to Fight HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria.

Assessing the State of the Union

Roger Bate | 24 Jan 2007 | National Review Online

On Tuesday, President George W. Bush delivered his next to last State of the Union address. National Review Online asked a group of experts to react. Dr. Roger Bate comments.

Honesty is a Virtue

Roger Bate & Kathryn Boateng | 24 Jan 2007 | Foreign Affairs

Failure to consider unfashionable modes of disease transmission or use proven but politically unpopular methods in disease prevention and control is illogical, dishonest, and should be exposed.

Reality Check

Roger Bate & Kathryn Boateng | 23 Jan 2007 | Foreign Affairs

Garrett's descriptions of the appalling symptoms of poor health systems are eloquent. But she overlooks some causes of the problem and offers an unconvincing solution.

What Is Working

Roger Bate | 22 Jan 2007 | East African Business Week

With a mixture of self-interest and moneymaking zeal, private businesses are combating one of the world's most intractable problems: the scourge of disease in Africa.

Re-Consider DDT Against Malaria

Roger Bate & Mauro De Lorenzo | 10 Jan 2007 | American Enterprise Institute

Rwanda's current policies will certainly save lives. But many more lives could be saved if Rwands adopts indoor residual spraying using DDT as part of its malaria control programme.

USAID's Health Challenge: Improving US Foreign Assistance

Roger Bate | 01 Jan 2007 | Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine

Dr. Roger Bate discusses USAID's public health program progress and challenges.

Fighting Malaria

Richard Tren | 18 Dec 2006 | Gallup Poll

AFM Director Richard Tren is interviewed by The Gallup Poll to discuss malaria trends in sub-Saharan Africa.

Malaria Initiative Progresses

Roger Bate | 14 Dec 2006 | Washington Times

Today the White House will host its first-ever summit on malaria. It will celebrate a major change in U.S. malaria control policy and should provide the president some much needed good publicity. It is too early to conclusively prove the efficacy of enacted policy changes. But there is no doubt the Global Health Bureau of the U.S. Agency for International Development, which is making the changes, is moving foreign assistance in the right direction.