Why the Top-Down Approach Has Failed

Roger Bate | 01 Dec 2005 | TCS Daily

In the urgency of scaling up much needed treatment for people living with HIV/AIDS, setting targets is a natural and central prescription; however targets are political tools and should be used with extreme caution by international technical bureaucracies.

How DDT can stop millions of malaria deaths

Richard Tren & Philip Coticelli | 09 Nov 2005 | Mail & Guardian

Richard Tren and Philip Coticelli discuss the history of DDT and argue for its regulated use in malaria control.

Let DDT take care of malaria scourge

Richard Tren & Philip Coticelli | 08 Nov 2005 | Business Day (South Africa)

Richard Tren and Philip Coticelli argue that donors should support DDT for malaria control.

US Senate Committee Testimony

Roger Bate & Richard Tren | 28 Sep 2005 | Africa Fighting Malaria

Written Testimony of Roger Bate and Richard Tren to the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee hearing on the role of science in environmental policy making.

Africa feels EU's bite

Richard Tren & Marian L. Tupy | 18 Aug 2005 | Washington Times

Richard Tren and Marian Tupy criticize the European Union for its stance on DDT.

Clinton and African AIDS

Richard Tren | 22 Jul 2005 | TCS Daily

Richard Tren criticizes the Clinton Foundation for seeking short term solutions to HIV/AIDS.

Commentary on the 58th World Health Assembly's Malaria Control Resolution

Roger Bate et al | 06 Jul 2005 | Africa Fighting Malaria

AFM supports the prominence given to malaria and maalria control at the recent World Health Assembly, and encourages the World Health Organization to comply.

Medicine groups cannot save world

Richard Tren | 05 Jul 2005 | Business Day (South Africa)

Richard Tren discusses the role that drug companies will play in long-term AIDS treatment in Africa.

Whose Responsibility

Richard Tren | 01 Jul 2005 | TCS Daily

The innovative drug company Bristol Myers Squibb and its charitable foundation, the Bristol Myers Squibb Foundation have just announced a $40 million program to create a pediatric AIDS treatment corps for Africa.

Brazil's Dangerous Denial

Roger Bate | 27 Jun 2005 | TCS Daily

Roger Bate discusses Brazil's negotiations with Abbott Laboratories on the price of a new anti-retroviral drug.