Canucks Against Malaria

Richard Tren | 18 Dec 2007 |

While in Tanzania recently, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced a bold new foreign aid program called "The Initiative to Save a Million Lives." He also promised that the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) would double its assistance to Africa by 2008-09. In all likelihood, a good portion of the money will be allocated to fight malaria, the number one killer of African children. Unfortunately, the CIDA's track record on malaria is patchy at best, and it has much to learn from America.

Assessing the State of the Union

Roger Bate | 24 Jan 2007 | National Review Online

On Tuesday, President George W. Bush delivered his next to last State of the Union address. National Review Online asked a group of experts to react. Dr. Roger Bate comments.

USAID's Health Challenge: Improving US Foreign Assistance

Roger Bate | 01 Jan 2007 | Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine

Dr. Roger Bate discusses USAID's public health program progress and challenges.

Make Federal Spending Transparent

Roger Bate | 09 Sep 2006 | Washington Post

What do Friends of the Earth, the Family Research Council, Phyllis Schlafly and the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force have in common? If you think not much, then you are partially wrong: They all love the new Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act. Introduced by senators Tom Coburn (R-Okla.) and Barack Obama (D-Ill.), the bill requires the Office of Management and Budget to establish and maintain a single public website listing the names and locations of all individuals and groups receiving federal funds, including the amount of federal funds received annually by program.

Fighting Malaria

Roger Bate | 09 Jan 2006 | Examiner

The fight against malaria has scored a major victory. The U.S. Agency for International Development has elected to use nearly half of its budget to buy proven interventions against the disease, which affects 500 million people and kills more than a million children around the world each year. USAID has promised $15 million expressly for insecticides, recognizing their unique effectiveness in reducing the burden of malaria. The agency has opted to streamline more funding to fewer countries in order to improve accountability and focus on results.

Deadly Mosquito Standoff

Roger Bate | 21 Oct 2005 | Washington Times

Roger Bate promotes the Kill Malaria Mosquitoes Now! declaration, which called upon USAID to devote two thirds of its budget to the purchase of effective malaria control tools.

USAID Fights Malaria Blindfolded

Roger Bate | 20 Apr 2005 | Examiner

Roger Bate discusses USAID's failing malaria control program ahead of Africa Malaria Day.

USAID in the Hot Seat - Again

Roger Bate, Samantha Dovey & Emma Morrison | 19 Nov 2004 | TCS Daily

Senator Brownback (R-Kansas) is concerned that even though in the past five years US-funded malaria control efforts -- through the offices of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) -- have increased several-fold, global malaria rates have skyrocketed -- increasing 10% at least.

USAID's Troubling Malaria Efforts

Richard Tren | 13 Aug 2004 | TCS Daily

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID), once responsible for saving millions of lives when it funded the global malaria eradication programme in the 1950s and 60s, has lost its way on malaria control.

What's USAID Hiding?

Roger Bate | 06 Feb 2004 | TCS Daily

USAID is fixated with insecticide-impregnated bed nets for preventing mosquito bites, to the exclusion of almost any other initiative, including those with far superior proven success in preventing the disease, or in treating those who succumb to it.