Radical Environmentalism's Death Campaigns

Paul Driessen | 21 Mar 2015 |

The terms racism, white supremacy, and crimes against humanity are bandied about so often that they have become almost meaningless.

Africa must spurn Cuba's aid offer

Jasson Urbach | 13 Mar 2015 | Business Day (South Africa)

Cuba has been in the news lately promoting a new plan to help African countries control and even eradicate malaria. The Cubans propose mosquito larvae control, which they hope will reduce mosquito populations and thereby halt the spread of the disease. The science simply does not support this approach. But with Cuba's regime trampling the human rights of its own citizens, should we be surprised they don't really care what might work to save lives in other countries?

Larvicide does have a place in malaria control. Indeed, SA's world-class malaria control programme uses it in a limited way, in conjunction with other interventions. Larval control requires regular application of chemical and biological insecticides to mosquito breeding sites. But according to the World Health Organisation (WHO), "the consensus among vector control specialists, based on currently available evidence, is that in most situations, larviciding with universal coverage across large areas and populations is unlikely to be feasible". The WHO says: "In general, larviciding should be considered for malaria control only in areas where the breeding sites are few, fixed and findable."

Green hysteria costs lives

Jasson Urbach | 12 Nov 2014 | Africa Fighting Malaria

Apparently we no longer live in a world that values technological advancement.

Orphan Drugs vs Orphan People

Jasson Urbach | 14 Jul 2014 | Free Market Foundation

The World Health Organization (WHO) has declared, "A post-antibiotic era—in which common infections and minor injuries can kill—far from being an apocalyptic fantasy, is instead a very real possibility for the 21st century". 

Malaria fight hurt by flimsy anti-DDT research

Jasson Urbach & Donald Roberts | 09 May 2014 | Business Day (South Africa)

Last year, Prof Henk Bouwman of North-West University and co-authors published a paper in a respectable journal, Environmental Research, claiming that DDT spraying led to thinning of bird eggshells.

Press Release: DDT research paper exposed as "biased and erroneous"

None | 05 May 2014 | Africa Fighting Malaria

The environmental science journal Environmental Research has published an article by nine malaria experts exposing major errors in a research paper on DDT and bird eggshells.

Wipe out malaria by wiping out worst poverty

Jasson Urbach | 24 Apr 2014 | Business Day (South Africa)

In Southern Africa, the malaria season typically begins with the summer rains in November and ends in April. In this region, the co-ordination of malaria control efforts between neighbouring states has dramatically reduced the incidence of malaria.

Response to "DDT's pesky proponents," by Mara Kardas-Nelson

Jasson Urbach | 24 Apr 2014 | Africa Fighting Malaria

Al Jazeera's report by Mara Kardas-Nelson (DDT's pesky proponents Apr. 21, 2014) rakes over old ground and is replete with misstatements and falsehoods.

Letter: Climate change clouds SA's plans to eradicate malaria

Jasson Urbach | 15 Apr 2014 | Mail & Guardian

Claims that climate change will increase the spread of malaria are not new and have been made countless times. Repeatedly making the claim, however, does not make it true.

Will drug resistance become pandemic?

Jasson Urbach | 05 Apr 2014 | Saturday Star

The rising trend of resistance to pharmaceuticals is one of the most important and worrying topics raised at the International Congress on Infectious Diseases (ICID).