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The Staggering Costs of Malaria -- Washington Times Editorial, Washington Times, 2003-07-10
  The Washington Times editorial argues for a greater focus on malaria control by the US government and for the use of DDT to control the disease.

Farmaci o AIDS: questo e il dilemma -- Dr Roger Bate, Ragion Politica, 2003-07-10
  Dr Roger Bate on the ongoing debate on access to drugs, intellectual property rights and ongoing drug development.

AIDS Drug Incentive Dilemma -- Roger Bate, Washington Times, 2003-07-06
  President Bush wants to spend $15 billion for a good cause: treating 2 million Africans who suffer from AIDS. But if the incentives for drug companies aren't improved, half of them may continue to suffer.

U.S. Farm Policy Sows Ire in Africa -- Tom Carter, Washington Times, 2003-07-03
  Subsidies to U.S. and European farmers are blocking Africa\'s economic development and killing Africa\'s children.

Rachel Carson and the DDT Myth -- Betsy Hart, Scripps Howard News Serivce, 2003-06-26
  Betsy Hart on environmental myths, and particularly the campaign against DDT.

Proteccionismo perjudica a los enfermos -- Dr Roger Bate, , 2003-06-17
  Roger Bate writes in the Venezuelan paper on access to drugs and protectionism.

Oxfam's assult on farm subsidies -- Dr Roger Bate & Richard Tren, Financial Times, 2003-06-17
  Roger Bate and Richard Tren support the calls by Oxfam to reduce farm subsidies and other agriculutural barriers to trade.

Think Tank Blasts NGO’s for Banning DDT, Leading to Spread of Disease -- Anwar Iqbal, UPI, 2003-06-13
  The ban on DDT -- prompted by left-leaning non-governmental organizations -- contributed to the spread of malaria in Africa, a disease that still kills a child every 20-30 seconds, speakers at the American Enterprise Institute, a conservative think tank said.

Road to Failure? -- Dr. Roger Bate, TechCentralStation, 2003-06-06
  Roger Bate discusses the recent G8 meeting and the prospects for increased world trade in agriculture and the access to drugs debate.

Push to Fund DDT in Fight against Malaria in Africa -- Nicole Itano, Christian Science Monitor, 2003-05-29
  In the battle against one of Africa's deadliest diseases, some countries are fighting without their most potent weapon.

Partners, Patents and Problems -- Richard Tren, TechCentralStation, 2003-05-22
  Richard Tren comments on the recent agreement between drug developer Roche and the Indian generics company Ranbaxy to produce cheap versions of artemesinin based drug therapies.

Drug Development Dilemma -- Roger Bate, TechCentralStation, 2003-05-22
  Roger Bate discusses the possibilities of developing new drugs for Aids, which is increasingly a developing country problem.

Fighting AIDS - Africans Must Also Commit to the War Against AIDS -- Richard Tren, San Francisco Chronicle, 2003-05-18
  Richard Tren writes that Bush's AIDS plan is important, but African governments have failed to deal with the problems of poverty and disease. If any lasting solution is to be found, African governments have to show commitment to tackling AIDS and other diseases.

Research Centre Favours DDT Use -- Tom Carter, Washington Times, 2003-05-09
  Tom Carter writes about the decision of KEMRI to endorse the use of DDT in malaria control.

An AIDS Mirage -- Dr. Roger Bate, TechCentralStation, 2003-04-30
  Dr. Roger Bate writes about the Brazilian AIDS Treatment Programme and the prospects for its reproduction elsewhere.

Next 15 Articles -- We currently have 68 articles.
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