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Partners, Patents and Problems -- Richard Tren, TechCentralStation, 2003-05-22
  Richard Tren comments on the recent agreement between drug developer Roche and the Indian generics company Ranbaxy to produce cheap versions of artemesinin based drug therapies.

Drug Development Dilemma -- Roger Bate, TechCentralStation, 2003-05-22
  Roger Bate discusses the possibilities of developing new drugs for Aids, which is increasingly a developing country problem.

Fighting AIDS - Africans Must Also Commit to the War Against AIDS -- Richard Tren, San Francisco Chronicle, 2003-05-18
  Richard Tren writes that Bush's AIDS plan is important, but African governments have failed to deal with the problems of poverty and disease. If any lasting solution is to be found, African governments have to show commitment to tackling AIDS and other diseases.

Research Centre Favours DDT Use -- Tom Carter, Washington Times, 2003-05-09
  Tom Carter writes about the decision of KEMRI to endorse the use of DDT in malaria control.

An AIDS Mirage -- Dr. Roger Bate, TechCentralStation, 2003-04-30
  Dr. Roger Bate writes about the Brazilian AIDS Treatment Programme and the prospects for its reproduction elsewhere.

Malaria Control 'may require use of DDT' -- SAPA, The Natal Witness, 2003-04-22
  SAPA's feature article on the use of DDT in malaria control.

Más medicinas falsificadas provenientes de China -- Dr. Roger Bate,, 2003-04-08
  Dr. Roger Bate writes of the threat of fake drugs from Mexico (text in Spanish)

China's Drug Abuse -- Dr. Roger Bate, TechCentralStation, 2003-04-02
  Dr. Roger Bate writes on the problem of illicit drug production in China and the consquent danger for patients around the world.

Anti-malaria use of DDT may be necessary evil -- Katherine Arie, Reuters, 2003-04-02
  Katherine Arie writes for Reuters on the beneficial use of DDT in the fight against malaria.

New Global Villain -- Dr. Roger Bate, TechCentralStation, 2003-03-27
  Dr. Roger Bate writes on how the pharmaceutical industry is now portrayed as a global villain by activists, authors and the press alike.

Better Living Through Chemistry -- Alexander Gourevitch, The Washington Monthly, 2003-03-01
  Alexander Gourevitch discusses the political economy surrounding malaria control and the use of DDT in Africa.

AIDS it is now up to African leaders -- Richard Tren, Business Day, 2003-02-18
  Richard Tren writes that he welcomes President Bush's pledge of financial support to Africa in order to fight Aids, but that the main problem has been a lack of political support within Africa. It is high time that African leaders started taking responsiblity for the disease themselves.

Patent relaxation threatens Aids drugs -- Dr. Roger Bate, Financial Times, 2003-02-18
  Roger Bate argues that the US Trade Representative should continue to argue in favour of patent protection, as patents provide important incentives to R&D; and are not blocking access to drugs.

Realism on African AIDS -- Dr. Roger Bate, TechCentralStation, 2003-02-05
  Roger Bate comments on the prospects for President Bush's AIDS funding in Africa.

An IP Regime Change -- John E Calfee PhD, TechCentralStation, 2003-01-24
  John E Calfee from the American Enterprise Institute argues in favour of a strong patent regime and supports the US position on TRIPS.

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