Written Testimony to the House of Representatives Committee on Foreign Affairs - PEPFAR: From Emergency to Sustainability and Advances Against HIV/AIDS

29 Sep 2010
Michael W. Miller
In many respects, turning now to HSS is a logical, evolutionary shift: AIDS and malaria hardly exist in isolation, nor do they have a monopoly on death and suffering. Moreover, it can be practically and ethically difficult to run well-funded programs for two diseases simultaneously with acutely underfunded programs for others.

But I am worried by what I see in global health circles as a reflexive and un-methodical endorsement of HSS as inherently more effective and necessarily more sustainable than single-disease programs. More to the point, HSS in and of itself does not provide solutions to the difficulties of PEPFAR implementation and sustainability. Nor can a HSS program be expected to produce the same results as a program that focuses on a single disease.

Full testimony available here.