AFM Interview with Lawrence Cowper

10 Nov 2009
Africa Fighting Malaria
Lawrence Cowper is a vector-borne disease specialist who has worked in public health in the United States and developing countries since 1951. He was Chief of the environmental health section for Guam between 1955 and 1959, after which he was appointed Chief Malaria Advisor to Nepal, where during the 1960s he built-up a highly successful malaria control program. After Nepal, Mr. Cowper acted as the Chief Malaria Advisor for Ethiopia, developing their national malaria control program. He has acted as the Regional Malaria Advisor to USAID and during the 1980s was USAID's Deputy Director of the Communicable Diseases Division. Mr. Cowper acts as an international health consultant for USAID, the World Bank, World Vision as well as private contractors.

Mr. Cowper has a wealth of knowledge and experience in public health and vector-borne disease control. Africa Fighting Malaria is very grateful for his time and effort in assisting with this interview. Click here to read the full interview.