The Global Fund

23 Jun 2009
Africa Fighting Malaria
A five-year evaluation of the Global Fund was recently published. According to CGD's April Harding, they were given an "A - for "raising it"; a B - for "spending it"; and, a D minus, for "proving it"." Performance to determine continued funding is based on process indicators and outputs rather than on outcomes and impact, for example measuring the number of insecticide-treated nets distributed but not the number of children sleeping under them.

All the while, the Global Fund continuously requests more funding. According to an article on the Africa Science News Service, the Global Fund is facing a $2.5 billion gap in funding for 2009 applications due in part to flat-funding by the US. In tandem with efforts to fill the funding gap, the Global Fund should also be working to improve the inefficiencies outlined in their evaluation to ensure the additional funds raised are used appropriately.